Rozwiązania zapewniające oszczędność kosztów

Our support does not begin and end at the product sale, we actually offer our customers more than just screws and assembly solutions. We help our customers to improve their joints both technically and economically by providing cost-effective solutions and recommendations to reduce the total costs of their assemblies.

By fully understanding your needs and targets, our engineers provide solutions that will help you to achieve significant cost savings. This program includes redesigning the parts to be assembled parts for easier manufacturing and optimal screw insertion, screw cost reduction, standardization, assembly time optimization, …

We work to offer you new opportunities to reduce costs on fasteners.

Contact us for assistance and start your cost savings program the sooner the better!

Skip tapping on metal

Learn how TAPTITE 2000® can help you to reduce your assembly cost in direct metal assembly.

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Published: 2022-01-18