TORX PLUS AUTOSERT® includes compound angle ramps that guide the driver bit into the recess, creating a self-centering and engaging action.

The AUTOSERT® feature is specially recommended for automated, robotic and other assembly situations, where the driver bit is continuously rotating.

TORX PLUS® AUTOSERT® Drive system advantages

  • Speed engagement.
  • Allows for higher rpm engagement, it’s not necessary to slow down assembly line to ensure proper fastening.
  • Reduces assembly time. 

AUTOSERT® technical features allow for a productivity increase in assembly line up to 5% (depending on production rate).

    Laboratory testing reveals 100% of screws using AUTOSERT® feature were engaged with TORX PLUS® Drive bits rotating at 700 rpm. 

    Screws with TORX PLUS AUTOSERT® recess are assembled with TORX PLUS® bits.