Solving your fastening problems

Solving your fastening problems

The success of an assembly rests on many factors. To find the optimal solution we must consider the design and nature of the elements to be joined, the final requirements of the application and the installation parameters. Nevertheless, during the on-site application, we may find problems related to screw performance.

Our engineers have solid experience and extensive knowledge on screw assemblies’ performance for industrial applications, we are, therefore, aware of any possible problem that may occur for which we suggest the proper solution to each of them.

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Visit the following sections to know more about recurring fastening issues:

Assembly line efficiency

TORX PLUS® improves assembly line performance and offers excellent cost saving opportunities, being the best system for automatic and semi-automatic feeding lines.

Screw jamming

When the screw head does seat on the cover material, no clamping force is applied to the assembly. This can be caused by several circumstances.

Stripping off

This problem occurs when the tension generated during tightening is higher than the nut’s shear strength. This can be caused by several circumstances.

Delayed fracture

A delayed fracture takes place when after certain period of time, the screw breaks just at the area were its cover and the base material contact each other.

Published: 2023-01-30